Ping Frederiks

Born 1967 in Nijverdal, Netherlands

1984 - 1987, apprenticed Janny Risón in painting and theatrical makeup.
1987 - 1993, creative stay in Seville, Spain; during this time, she has many exhibitions in Spain.
1993, returned back to the Netherlands and opened an art studio in the city of Hengelo.
2000 - 2003, study at the Academy in Apeldoorn Fotovakschool.
1993 - 2008, works as a makeup artist in theatres and opera houses in the cities of Almelo, Deventer, Lochem.
2005, member of the Group of artists from Nijverdal.
2005 - 2008, teacher at the children's workshop and the evening school for adults in abstract painting in Nijverdal.
2006 - 2008, working as a muralist at KartPlaza Nijverdal.
2008, moves to Pöchlarn, Austria.
since 2009, member of the "Atelier an der Donau"
since 2011, member "Union Plovdiv Artists"


Participation in symposia, workshops, and biennials

2007 - Spirit d’arte, Ferrara, Italy.
2008 - „Atelier an der Donau“, Pöchlarn, Austria.
2009 - Zlatyu Boyadjiev, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.


Price Awards

Award of honour in the category Painting, „Atelier an der Donau“, Pöchlarn, Austria 2008


Works in museums and public collections

Kart Plaza, Nijverdal, Netherlands.
Van Buren Nijverdal, Netherlands
Swimmingpool Het Ravijn, Nijverdal, Netherlands
City Art Gallery, Plovdiv Netherlands
Kindergarten Pöchlarn, Austria
Mosaik House Margit Gansch and Gerhard Maller Pöchlarn, Austria


Works in private collections



Projects and installations:

“Hochwasser im Segelhaus” ,NÖ Viertelfestival 2012, Pöchlarn, Austria



Poetry „De kleuren van mijn ziel“ (“The colours of my soul”) von Esther Niewold, Netherlands .
Tails and poetry “Noesellaand” of Willem van Noesel, Netherlands



La Tienda de Bailen, Sevilla, Spain.
Pumpkin Gallery, Bodegraven, . Netherlands
Gallery Middelkamp, ​​Nijverdal, . Netherlands
Medisch Center, Nijverdal, . Netherlands
Estenze Castello, Ferrara, Italy.
Museum Oskar Kokoschka Pöchlarn, Austria
Atelier Knapp Gallery, Emmersdorf, Austria.
City Art Gallery Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
Art Gallery Arad, Estenze nia. Romania
Art Gallery of Pécs, Hungary.
Art Gallery Osijek, Kroatia.
Gallery Irzhe Schlehen, Pilsen, Czech Republic
Gallery Alafran Diepenheim, Netherlands
Gallery Catapult Hellendoorn Netherlands
Gallery UiterArt Nijverdal. Netherlands
ART Innsbruck Kunst Messe, Austria
Art Gallery Mikolov, Czech Republic
Convent Maria Tafeln, Austria
“Donau Auen Frauen”, Gallery Alpha, Vienna, Austria