Sculpture series Multiplikation

The sculpture series of multiplication are series of sculptures in which each has an experiment in movement (vibration) and sounds. Each of these sculptures is made out of several geometric or abstract shapes, which are connected by elastic springs. Touching them, in no matter which way, these forms shall begin to vibrate, each shall get a rhythm of its own. It creates a chaotic vibration of the entire sculpture object.
Each of these hollow stainless steel shapes has its specific sound, which gives the "musician" the possibility to play drums on it, or to use it as a string instrument, to rub it, to blow horn at it, and so on.













Sculptures for Riedlingen

In the Fall of 2011, me and my brother, artist Krassimir Kolev, performed three sculptures of stainless steel to the City of Riedlingen in Germany. The three Sculptures (one 4.3 m high and the other two 3,3 m. high)